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November 12, 2021

Shoreline adds Terraform integration to automate production operations remediations

Shoreline, the Incident Automation company, is adding a Terraform Provider to deliver infrastructure-as-code for its production operations. Teams can now handle remediation with the same Terraform workflow that they use to provision and manage infrastructure.

By adding Shoreline's Terraform provider, customers can automate the testing, configuration, and deployment of their production operations remediations just as they do for their other artifacts.

SREs are using Shoreline to automatically rotate expiring certificates, grow filling disks, purge old Docker images, collect stuck JVM diagnostics, identify unauthorized resource usage, handle stuck Argo workflows, repair unhealthy CoreDNS nodes, and more—all with simple one-liners, using the Linux commands and scripts they already know, in real time, and executed fleet-wide in seconds.

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