Shoreline closes $35M series B - Read the details

March 28, 2022

Shoreline scores $35M Series B to build automated incident response platform

Shoreline founder and CEO Anurag Gupta was in charge of infrastructure at AWS for eight years prior to launching his company. He was responsible for making sure there were systems in place to respond to incidents that slowed down or brought AWS systems to a halt.

It was a big job, and while he helped build internal systems to automate incident response, he saw a dearth of tools in the marketplace to help other companies achieve this. While there were tools for testing and deploying software, monitoring it in production and managing incidents when they happened, there was a missing piece in his view.

Read the full article by Ron Miller at TechCrunch to hear how Anurag and the Shoreline team are filling this gap with Jupyter-style notebooks and their incident automation platform.

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