Chris Newton
December 15, 2021 | Chris Newton Reinvents Runbooks with Industry’s First Purpose-Built Notebooks for On-Call Operations

Unlike runbooks, Shoreline Notebooks real-time debug data and dynamic repair actions enable everyone on-call to be as good as their best SRE

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. — Dec. 15,, the Incident Automation company, today introduced Shoreline Notebooks, the first purpose-built notebooks for debugging and repairing production infrastructure. Shoreline is reinventing the runbook, transforming static documents into live notebooks that contain real-time debug data and pre-approved repair activities. With a web-based UI, Shoreline Notebooks automatically capture and then share best practice debug and remediation sessions.  Notebooks can also be tied to alarms, making it easy for on-call teams to quickly and safely resolve incidents. 

“Shoreline Notebooks are a game changer for our customers. Packaging real-time diagnostic data with documented best practice remediations is going to make the lives of on-call teams so much easier,” said Anurag Gupta, founder and CEO of Shoreline. “Just as Jupyter Notebooks transformed data science, Shoreline Notebooks are transforming on-call operations. Our Notebooks make it easier to onboard new team members and to safely empower everyone on-call.”

Jupyter Notebooks improved data science by making it interactive and visual. Data scientists could now run their commands and immediately see visible results. Afterward, they could easily share their analysis with others as a notebook file. These notebooks also serve as reusable templates, with new data each period viewable by audiences that need the latest insights. Shoreline’s Notebooks bring these same benefits to SRE and DevOps.

Everyone knows that static runbooks written in wikis are hard to reference and are usually outdated. Shoreline Notebooks are each individually launched by their own specific alarm, so there’s no more thumbing through a dense document to find the relevant section. Further, Shoreline Notebooks are easy to keep up-to-date, because any refinements to a Notebook can be saved in the moment while the issue is being resolved.  And unlike runbook automation tools that have focused on sharing checklists or automating jobs that run existing scripts, only Shoreline Notebooks gives users one-click access to real-time, per second debug data and powerful, fleetwide repair commands directly within the platform. This is what Site Reliability Engineers (SREs) and on-call teams need to resolve incidents more quickly and easily.  

Shoreline Notebooks deliver a step-by-step progression that naturally leads to automated remediation for repeated issues that waste a lot of DevOps time. 

  • Notebooks are first used to capture a debug and repair session on each new issue.
  • The decision tree within that new Notebook is then curated and validated as best practice for diagnosing and repairing that type of incident in the future, building institutional knowledge. 
  • The Notebook can be associated with an alarm for that specific issue type so that future on-call teams will immediately know where to find and how to execute best practices. 
  • As Notebooks are used, some paths within the decision tree will be repeatedly executed without changes or need for human judgement. These paths are the proven repairs that can be safely automated to further reduce SRE toil.  

"While nearly every corner of the enterprise has been remade via automation, incident response has curiously lagged behind. Too often, operators and SRE teams are forced to rely on manual, static runbooks. What's needed is a way to automate the response while still keeping humans in the loop, " said Stephen O'Grady, Principal Analyst with RedMonk. "This is what Shoreline Notebooks were built for."

Shoreline incident automation enables DevOps engineers to interactively debug at scale and quickly build remediations to eliminate repetitive work. With the release of Shoreline Notebooks, Shoreline reaffirms its mission to enable DevOps, SREs, and customer support to quickly debug incidents and automate their repair across server fleets.

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