Spend less time trying to catch intermittent JVM issues

Unpredictable JVM performance is frustrating and can negatively impact your business.

Stop-the-world garbage collection causes everything to freeze and is an issue for any company that runs JVM at scale. If your on-call team doesn’t get there at the moment the problem occurs, the issue is gone, and they have to keep guessing as to what happened. They go from machine to machine hoping to observe the issue again, wasting valuable time and resources. And while tools are available to debug the JVM, they require tremendous effort to set up, and rarely solve the problem because they need to connect at just the right time to witness the problem..

Shoreline solves the problem quickly and effectively.

Searching to find transient issues shouldn’t take weeks or require a sprint. Shoreline solves this by:

  • Identifying the problem by monitoring all of your JVMs, capturing per second data across a few JVMS or thousands.

  • When a memory or performance limit is reached, capturing the garbage collection, heap, thread, and deadlock data in an S3 bucket so the engineering team can find and permanently fix the root cause.

  • Optionally restarting the JVM or taking another remediating action such as scaling up or down.

Identifies problem

across all JVMs

Captures debug data

in real-time

Optionally restarts JVM

or takes another remediating action

It’s time to give your on-call team back the time and resources to spend on more valuable projects, and help make every person on-call be as effective as your best SRE.

For a limited time only, try Shoreline free for the first 30 days and only $500/month after.

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Unlike the other DevOps or monitoring tools I’ve used, Shoreline actually allows our SRE team to fix a problem before it causes a 3AM wake-up call.”

Paul Lewis,

Senior Site Reliability Manager, Domino Data

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