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The Missing Pillar in Production Operations


Monitor and Detect

Incident Management

De-duplicate, Assign, Prioritize

Incident Automation

Diagnose, Repair, Automate

Debug, Repair, Automate Production Incidents

Shoreline Platform

Runs across clouds, containers and VMs.

Google Cloud

Shoreline CLI

Debug across your entire fleet as if it were a single box

Shoreline CLI

Jupyter Style Notebooks

Shoreline Notebooks

Empower teams with step by step recipes on how to debug and repair issues

Pre-built Incident Automation Library

Auto Library

Reduce Toil

Reduce Toil

Reduce Toil

Reduce Toil

Customer and POC Feedback

Real-time Debug and Repair


“This is like live site debugging! I love how you can chain together filters and execute a parameterized action.”


Live Notebooks


“Notebooks are a great way to empower our support teams.”


Automation Made Easy


“Shoreline simplifies every step of the automation process.”


Shoreline and DataDog

Run Shoreline inside Datadog

Automate Repairs, Tie to Datadog Monitors

Shoreline Dashboard

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