Actionable Alarms

Shoreline Alarms identify issues with high specificity so that they are immediately actionable.

To resolve issues quickly, you need to know more than “CPU usage is high.”

Shoreline can proactively alert you to “needle in a haystack” issues with unprecedented precision and speed:

  • Identify issues with high specificity to reduce ad hoc diagnostics before repair
  • Alarms filter on tags, metric states, and data gathered by executing Linux commands

See how it works:

Arm your production ops team with real time debug data, and guide them with pre-approved repair actions

Build highly targeted alarms quickly.

Shoreline’s expressive Op language enables your team to quickly develop Alarms that pinpoint specific issues by using a combination of multiple metrics and Linux commands.

Increase precision with tailored alarm parameters.

Inside an Alarm, users can define the trigger state, which types of hosts or nodes the Alarm applies to, and the clear state that turns off the Alarm.

Increase availability with real-time alarm mechanisms.

Shoreline can check thousands of potential alarm conditions on a box every second, so you’ll know immediately when systems are down.

Set an alarm using per second metrics to quickly identify an issue, then use a Shoreline automation to resolve it, or launch a notebook to walk through best practice debugging.

Learn more: see the documentation

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