End-to-end Automation

Easily and safely automate incident remediations with a few lines of code.

Develop automated remediations in hours, not weeks.

Shoreline lets you automate dozens of incident types in the same time it used to take your team to automate one.

  • Save time by writing the automation as if it were built for only one box.
  • Distribute the automation across your fleet and onto new nodes as they come online.

See how it works:

Automations that handle common issues create more time for SREs to focus on higher value projects.

It’s very satisfying to open Slack in the morning and see that Shoreline deactivated a lot of miners during the night without our intervention ahah!"

Site Reliability Engineer, Data Science Company

Eliminate toil on repetitive incidents at a meaningful scale.

Check for issues, collect diagnostics, and apply repairs automatically in the background on your hosts, each and every second.

Built-in guardrails let you automate safely.

Shoreline provides controls, including role-based access control (RBAC), blast radius, and circuit breakers, to limit the scope of automated execution.

Leverage CI/CD best practices.

Using Terraform to deploy helps production ops teams benefit from proven review, version control, test, and deployment processes used by software development teams.

Clearly see the recent history of issues that were automatically resolved, and drill into details as needed.

Learn more: see the documentation

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