Operations Notebooks

Record, curate, and publish incident debug and repair best practices to safely empower on-call teams.

Forget static Runbooks.

Leap ahead to interactive visual Notebooks.

Shoreline Notebooks provide one-click access to real-time, per second debug data and powerful, fleetwide repair commands.

  • Automatically capture debug and repair sessions per incident type
  • Curate proven best practices for diagnosing and repairing incidents
  • Instantly share notebooks with operators when an alarm is triggered

Arm your production ops team with real time debug data, and guide them with pre-approved repair actions

Debug incidents quickly with clear visualizations.

Notebooks present metrics data in a grid allowing resources to be inspected side-by-side. Each Notebook debug and repair session is captured, and can be curated for reuse as best practices.

Empower on-call team to safely repair issues.

When triggered by an alarm, Notebooks populated with real-time debug data and pre-approved repair activities increase on-call team effectiveness and system reliability.

Streamline future incident response.

Shared best practice Notebooks are recipes for success. Once the remediation is well understood, it can be easily automated, eliminating future human intervention for that issue.

Shoreline Notebooks open with up to the second debug data and pre-approved remediation actions ready to go for on-call teams.

Learn more: see the documentation

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