Automate Day 2 Ops

Shoreline automatically handles maintenance and optimization, reducing pages and improving availability.

Shoreline empowers operators

Debug issues across your entire fleet

Today, the only way to find and fix issues in real-time is to open up endless SSH windows. This doesn’t scale. Shoreline lets you distribute Linux commands across your entire system so you can diagnose and repair issues interactively, getting back to normal in less time and with less effort.

Remediate incidents automatically, in seconds

Once you’ve resolved an issue the first time, let Shoreline handle it in the future. Every second, Shoreline reads thousands of metrics, checks hundreds of alarm conditions, and automatically invokes the actions you used to run manually. This reduces reaction time to less than a minute, improves your availability, and frees you to do real work.

Resolve common problems out of the box

Shoreline comes with pre-packaged Op Packs that handle common infrastructure and application issues. Automatically resize disks, cordon bad nodes, rotate security certificates, vacuum PostgreSQL tables, and more. Leverage the experience of other operators to fix problems proactively.

Our Investors

Vab Goel, NTTVC

Vab Goel is the founding partner of NTT VC. Previously, he was a partner at Norwest Venture Partners.

Paul Hsiao, Canvas Ventures

Paul Hsiao is a general partner and founding managing member of Canvas Ventures. Prior to Canvas, he served as a Partner at NEA.

Lip-Bu Tan

Lip-Bu Tan is the CEO of Cadence Design Systems, chairman and founder of Walden International, and noted angel investor.

Amarjit Gill

Amarjit Gill is a serial entrepreneur and noted angel investor.

George J. Still, Jr.

George Still is partner emeritus of Norwest Venture Partners. Previous investments include PeopleSoft and Workday.

Wilson Sonsini

Wilson Sonsini is the premier provider of legal services to technology, life sciences, and growth enterprises worldwide.