Announcing Shoreline's Datadog Integration

For the first time, remediate issues directly within Shoreline.

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Learn how:

  • Shoreline helps users debug a noisy neighbor problem

  • Your SMEs can publish best practice remediations to the whole team

  • How much easier it is to automate remediations with Shoreline

Unlike the other DevOps or monitoring tools I've used, Shoreline actually allows our SRE team to fix a problem before it causes a 3AM wake-up call.

Paul Lewis
Senior Site Reliability Manager at Domino Data

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Eliminate repetition and improve reliability

Scale software, not headcount

Rapidly develop automations to eliminate manual work. Now your ability to respond scales as your fleet grows.

Reduce MTTD and MTTR

Detect and repair issues in seconds, not hours with per second metrics, alarms and actions.

Deliver operations as code

You’ve built infrastructure as code for configuration & deployments. Let’s extend it to operations.

Shoreline makes it easy to create bots that automatically take action when an alarm is raised. Anything you can type at the Linux command prompt, including calls to your cloud provider, Kubernetes CLI, or your own shell scripts, you can orchestrate using Shoreline. Every second, Shoreline ingests thousands of metrics, runs hundreds of system health checks, and executes the remediations you defined.

Fixing something forever is as easy as fixing it the first time

We all want to automate toil, but each automation can be a dev project that takes months. Shoreline lets you quickly define metrics, alarms, actions, and bots via the CLI or UI. Op Packs for common remediations are available in Shoreline’s public git repo.

Track all nodes tagged for retirement. When triggered, an action gracefully cordons and drains all pods then gracefully terminates the node.

Easily monitor disk usage across your cluster with fully customizable alarm parameters. Use a bot to automatically increase disk size until a maximum is reached.

Trigger an action based on excessive JVM memory usage. Automatically log problematic machine data to an Amazon S3 bucket for further analysis.

Find TLS certificates that are nearing expiration. Use the bot to renew out-of-date certificates with HashiCorp Vault.

GitOps your remediations just like code and config

With Shoreline, the metrics, alarms, bots, and shell scripts you create go through the same Terraform deployment pipeline as your other artifacts. Shoreline handles deploying your scripts and logic so your remediations run consistently everywhere.

Debug incidents across your fleet in real-time

Sometimes you’re dealing with an issue you’ve never seen before. Dashboards and logs lack information and don’t help you make changes, forcing you to SSH box-by-box. Shoreline distributes commands across your fleet, providing a real-time view into resources, per-second metrics, and Linux command execution.

Run a single command to grep for an error rather than SSHing into box after box

Easily turn your debugging statements into metrics, alarms, and bots to automate the remediation.

Safely repair your production environment

Let your DevOps team define actions for L1 and L2 support to execute. Limit the blast radius of changes to production.
Define who can create actions and who can run them
Define who can view the environment vs change it
Define how many resources may be affected by a change

All changes made by your team are fully audited

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